Brian Dright: Weatherman of Mystery!

Little does the world know that Brian Dright, the popular weatherman at Channel 57, is also a secret agent working for the Super Legendary Earth Environment Team. (S.L.E.E.T.)

Worrying news has been intercepted and his commander, Anne Finely, sends Brian to investigate snow in the Sahara desert. Turns out it’s the work of Sahara Snow, evil agent of S.M.O.G.

Captured by the enemy, Brian has to use quick wits and cunning to escape .

Pity he has neither…


Brian is really up against it in his first eco-adventure. The secret agent gear doesn’t appear to work properly (he should have read the instructions first, I think), his enemy is smart and well-equipped and his replacement as the Channel 57 weatherman hasn’t a clue.

How will Brian solve the mystery of the snow in the Sahara?

What is making that growling noise?

Where have all those penguins come from?

Steve Lill takes you to the four corners of the globe (OK; two corners of the globe) in this secret agent adventure for the 7 to 11 age group. As an ex-primary school teacher, Steve has also included  a range of different writing forms that teachers will recognise and find useful to support the main storyline and promote innovative writing in class.

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