World Book Day 2018

Many, many thanks to the children and staff of Newdale Primary for their warm welcome on World Book Day 2018. I went dressed up as a writer. And we played with cardboard boxes and a raven puppet and a hat and a Powerpoint and, and … Safe to say, I had a wonderful time.

Size Of Wales

Enormous (and I’m talking Size Of Wales enormous) thanks to the children and staff of Apley Wood Primary School for their warm welcome and enthusiastic response to my visit yesterday. I had a fabulous time. Yay!

Arfa on the move

Just to let you know that King Arfa (and all the knights, of course) have moved here: Instafreebie

The book is completely free (you may have guessed that from the name of the site)

and comes to you pretty quickly (you may have guessed that from the name of the site)

and from now on there’s no time limit to the deal so I can’t say HURRY HURRY ENDING SOON ‘cos it isn’t.

See you soon

Thank yooo!

Hee-yuuj thanks to all the children and staff at Sir Alexander Fleming school for making me feel so welcome yesterday. I had immense fun with the Year 3 and Year4 classes.  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to clear up all the mess I left in the corridor.

Back in the Cave

Hi there!

Well, I’m back in the cave. The Book Cave, to be exact. I’ve put Arfa in one of the corners, (near the back, where the spiders are) but there are over 60 other fabulaous (deliberate spelling mistake, OK?) books on offer in there. Guess the price. Go on, have a guess. Free! They are all free until 20th January.

Oh, nearly forgot, you’ll need a link:

My Book Cave

There you go. Take care. Watch out for wyverns; they bite.

Arfa launches!

Which means my latest book, King Arfa and the Knights of the Roundabout Table, is released today.

You can get a free copy from here: My Book Cave

There are literally some books here, all aimed at middle grade readers. (English translation; Middle Grade = KS2)

Did I mention they were all free? No? They’re all free! Free as a bird that costs nothing.